20 things about my dream boyfriend 

I really like the idea of this challenge/blog post because I do tend to spend my night and days dreaming about what my perfect boyfriend would be and how he would treat me. (please note that this challenge can be used for girlfriends, lovers, person that you’re dating but you don’t like labels and so on). So here it goes, 20 things I would want my dream boyfriend to have and do. 
1. Be my best friend. 
2. Call me to talk on the phone not snapchat. 

3. Take me on cute dates like picnics and drive ins. 

4. He wouldn’t text me to ‘hangout’ he would make dates. 

5. Knows how to be around my family. 

6. Gets along with my brother. 

7. Writes me love notes because I like old fashioned love. 

8. Buys me flowers – all I have ever wanted is a boy to buy me flowers. 

9. Play with my hair and rub my back. 

10. Kiss me in the rain. 

11. Invites me over to dinner with his family. 

12. Goes to his family get togethers and he comes to mine. 

13. He wouldn’t tell me he loves me on social media but tell me in real life on a romantic date. 

14. Take cute pictures of me. 

15. Watches movies with me; while feeding me popcorn.

16. Carries on trying to win me over already though he has. 

17. Is a feminist and highly active in the feminist community. 

18. Knows how to fix our relationship after a fight or argument. 

19. He likes all the same shows as me so we can binge watch them together. 

20. Tell me he loves me everyday and smiles as I reply. 

So there it is. I hope that one day I’m able to find someone who fits all this qualities, even though I understand those are pretty high expectations. What do you all want in your dream partner? Either leave it in the comments or do your own blog post. 

Much love, 

Lizzie xxx


4 thoughts on “20 things about my dream boyfriend 

  1. This post makes me really smile so wide. Literally blushing right now! Hmmm. A dream guy for me, i guess, is someone who does these little things (like opening a door for me, carrying our tray when we order food, etc) without having to make a show for it. Like, he’s just absentmindely doing those cute things– like it’s normal for him.

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