Unfinished Blog Posts

I have been shocking recently at finishing blog posts and I don’t just want to leave them in my notes, judging me for not finishing them. So I saw this from another blog and decided to the same thing – put all my unfinished blog posts into one blog post. 

Losing a best friend 

Losing a best friend is hard. Especially when there’s no fight, you just drift apart. This happened to me and I’m glad that it did because it lead to not only to a better friend but it also made me realise the toxic relationship between us. 

I had been best friends with this girl for almost 7 years. A long time I know, but it was made easier by the fact that our families was close too. We were inseparable and always laughing together about something. We would always be around each other’s houses, having water fights, talking about our latest crushes, even spying at our latest crushes. I never thought anything bad about her despite her constant giving me reason to. 
But in between the good times of our relationship, there were bad moments too. She would fly through mood swings, being happy with me in one moment and then not talk to me the next. 

I’m scared … 

I’m scared of not being loved. Stupid. Why would anyone be afraid of that at the age that I am? Why would that even cross the mind of someone so strong, so independent? But it does and often. 
I am a major sucker for love stories because it tells me a story that it’s happening in my Iife. It tells me me a story about two people that fall in love and I fall in love with the story because I don’t have anyone to fall in love with myself. 

My fictional obsessions

I have many goals in life including passing my GCSEs with flying colours, going to uni in another country and to be a successful woman and a mother. Unfortunately those goals are often compromised with my addiction to … Netflix. I see you rolling your eyes, what a basic girl trying to fit in by talking about her obsession with Netflix. But it’s true, why do I watch so much Netflix? Because I get too attached to the characters. 

I have watched a far amount of tv and I’m still continuing to watch tv shows now. It’s baffling how attached you are able to get to fictional people, characters that only exist in someone’s mind behind a tv screen. I cry when they cry, I laugh when they laugh and then after I have finished their show I continue to think about them long afterwards. My current show is called ‘Reign’ and I’m only at season 2 so no spoilers please! It is absolutely amazing, I have fallen in love with all the characters and I constantly talking about them. Bash, Mary, Francis, Louie, Kenna are all now a part of my life; however sad that may sound. 

It’s all just a learning curve
I used to think that feminism was a bad word and look where I am now. An intersectional feminist who has gone to marches, who challenges social injustice both on social media and in real life and I continue to promote my feminist agenda. I fully believe that feminism is not a destination but a path. It’s all about learning, discovering, challenging yourself to change your view on the world. Do some research, educate yourself on social issues and you will see how your knowledge becomes your power. 

I understand that society has ingrained racism, sexism, transphobia so deep into society that sometimes your actions are subconsciously discriminatory but that does not mean that you should always act like that. When someone tells you that a phrase you are using is homophobic, stop using it. When some tells you please don’t dress like that it offends my culture, stop dressing like that. It isn’t hard to lean about stuff, no one is blaming you if you are unintentionally doing this because it’s all about learning to undo society’s thoughts. 

I really need to find some motivation to finish posts; and quickly! What do you guys do when you have a block? 

Much love, 

Lizzie xxx


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