Sleepless nights

So recently I haven’t been going to sleep at my usual hour. I normally go to sleep relativity early as I enjoy sleeping but find it impossible to sleep in because during school I have to get up really early. Last night was a pretty eventful night; for me anyway. I had to sleep on the coach, which I always find quite fun as it’s downstairs. I had to sleep their because my room was overtaken by clothes, sunscreen, books and other holiday goods as I was packing during the day and I couldn’t be bothered to move it off my bed. I was just scrolling through social media for a while and then decided that I was having some funny inner dialogue so I thought that it would be funny to turn into a blog post. So here was my thoughts at 12.30am!

‘Just get up to pee’

‘You really need to pee’

‘Get over yourself and just go pee’

‘Okay this isn’t to bad is it?’ 

‘Crap, looking straight that the door is creepy’

‘Why don’t I just leave the light on?’ 

‘Quick get back to the couch’ 

‘Oh my god that light is so bright’ 

‘Ugh I really don’t want to get up again’

‘I’m sure it will be fine’ 

‘Do you think it will burn out the battery?’

‘Oh wait, it’s powered by electricity’

‘Is going to rack up the electrics bill?’

‘I really hope not’ 

‘Just go and turn it off’ 

‘I should really get some sleep’

‘Is someone awake upstairs?’

‘Why did I think this was a good idea?’

‘Oh god, I really wanna turn off the light?’ 

‘Just get up it will be fine’ 

‘Why I am stressing out over this?’ 

‘Shall I just shut the door?’ 

‘What about the bill?’ 

‘I should’ve just turned the light off in the first place’ 

‘I am really stressing out about this lol’ 

‘Theo James is really hot’ (I just watched divergent) 

‘I don’t understand why they cast Shailene Woodley and Ansel as brother and sister’ 

‘Right I’m going to do it’ 

‘Three, two, one GO’ 

‘I’m doing it lol’

‘Mission complete’ 

‘Why is my heart racing this much? 

‘Quick get the blanket over me’

Yes, those are the crazy things that run through my brain while sleeping on the couch at 12.30 at night. By the way, I sort of am afraid of the dark hence my worry to have to get up and find my way to the toilet. And yes, I am being a bit of a drama queen because my toilet is only a few steps away. After writing down these weird thoughts I continued to go on my phone despite it being late and the fact that I really needed sleep. Never mind. 

Much love,

Lizzie xxx


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