Body Image

There’s one thing you’re stuck with in life. Your body. Some people may be happy with that because they like their body but others may hate this idea because they hate their body. Bodies clearly come in all shapes and sizes but are most people striving to become the same. It’s sad to see the amount of attention that body image gets because why do people feel the need to commit on others? I won’t deny that I’ve made comments about people’s body in the past and I don’t regret it because it’s taught me how doing so isn’t right and I’m continuing to work on that to be a better person. 

Teen people magazine recently did a survey about body image and the media. It found that over 25% of girls felt that the media pressured them into having perfect bodies. This must have increased now with teens addiction to social media. However helpful and great the media can be it can also destroy people’s self esteem. You can spend hours scrolling through photos with the perfect body on Instagram and Pinterest and some of your friends may even show of their body on Snapchat. When you’re constantly looking at your self at comparing it to others it can make it difficult to love what you have. 

Both teen girls and boys struggle with body image because there is pressure of both sexes to look good. Girls are pressured to be skinny, but not too skinny. Curvy, but not overweight. Have big boobs, who cares if they have back problems. To have a big bum, but no stretch marks please. Boys are told to be tall, but not too tall – how can people kiss you then? To have muscles, but don’t work out too much. Don’t be fat, you don’t want man boobs. And then there’s the issue of their downstairs area. People will never be truly happy with the way you look, but as hard as it is your body only needs to look good to you. 

Here’s some tips on how to be happy with your body: 

1. Keep a list of things you’re body allows you to do and read it often. 

2. Think about influential people and think do there bodies have anything to do with that. 

3. Take pride in yourself as a human being. 

4. You should always count your blessings not your blemishes. 

5. Think about what you could do with your time instead of worrying. 

6. Make a sign and put it on your mirror reminding yourself that you are perfect because you are you. 

7. Tell yourself life is too short to be unhappy with your body. 

I also sometimes struggle to be happy about my body. I hate wearing crop tops because I’m afraid to have my belly out and my height sometimes makes me feel insecure. So, I know how people sometimes feel. If you ever need to talk about how you are feeling, never be afraid to email me and talk. 

Much love,

Lizzie xxx


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