Spoken Words

When people are describing me as a person two words that normally come up are: outgoing and confident. You see I’m always more than happy to get up in front of a bunch of people to dance, act and sometimes even sing; despite being tone deaf and my amazing ability to make people’s ears bleed. In the early years of high school my friends even created this thing called ‘Dare Lizzie Hour’ because I was the only one who had enough courage to actually do dares. So they all just sat around eating their lunch and they would create some pretty bad dares for me. One time I had to go up to a male teacher and pretend to cry because this boy didn’t like my tweaking! (Super embarrassed about it now). But last night when I got up in front of a bunch of people I felt things that I had never felt on stage, vulnerable, nervous, shaky and exposed. I was showing people a part of me and that seemed to terrify me.

Poetry is to me is a lot like blogging, an escape from reality where you can express your true thoughts. However poetry makes it more … poetic I guess. I have only recently started to write poetry and it came about from me staying up one night and it just sort of followed out of me. The poetry style that I like and write however is more in the style of slam, it’s very political; which of course I like. So far I’ve written poems about jokes that I don’t find funny, rape, cultural appropriation, how teens are the future and a poem about being followed down the street. I want to share with you all one of my poems and I hope that you like it.


I can’t breathe,

My thoughts and words are jumbled.

Where’s the nearest escape?

Where’s the nearest person?

I need help.

I can feel his breath on the back of my neck,

I can hear him lick his lips.

My heart gets faster,

My walks carry on quicker.

Should I run?

Should I scream?

If I scream I scream fire,

People respond to that better.

Why did I take this short cut?

I should’ve known better,

I’ve been doing this for years.

Walking alone in fear,

Fear of what many happen if a man

Gets to close.

What my happen when there is

No one around.

Finally I am free.

Into the light and the public eye.

But what you don’t understand is that this

Happens to us all the time.

We fear for us lives, even in the daylight.

This is not right.

This is not how a teenage girl should walk

To her dance lesson.

This is not right.

I have shared a lot of my poetry with friends and family and it’s been great to see their responses to it. I even got up in front of the class once and read my poem about rape, I don’t think people we quite expecting what they heard. But I was a little disappointed the other day because I went to summit the poem to our school magazine and I was told that it was ‘inappropriate’. I’m sorry but the whole point of my poem was to raise awareness and talk about the issue – talking about rape shouldn’t make you uncomfortable, the act itself should.

So, please let me know what you think about the poem that I shared with you today. Do anyone of you write poetry? If so I would love to read it, email it over if you are comfortable with sharing your work.

Much love,

Lizzie xxx

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