School Advice Collab

Hi everyone, today is special post because I’m collaborating with the lovely  Larissa on a post about advice for the school year. After you read this post be sure to check hers out to! 

This year I’m going into my final year of high school and I’m doing my exams at the end of the year. I’m quite worried about the year in general, I have to work really hard to achieve good grades as it doesn’t come naturally to me. It’s especially pressuring for me, even though you shouldn’t compare yourself to people, my brother is an excellent student and just got amazing exam results. 

If you’re going into your final year, or even just for any year of high school I’ve got some tips on how to improve your work this year. I would also like to point out how I am not a perfect student, and I don’t always follow this rules; but I would like to. Also I know that these tips are hard to stay on top of, especially since high school is such a confusing and difficult place. 

Keep on track with homework
This is a really important one because as much as it’s an annoying thing to do homework can really help. Don’t leave your homework too late, which I know everyone wants to do because otherwise it piles up and you become stressed and it isn’t your best piece of work. Homework helps you a lot so make sure you know what you’re doing before you leave the classroom. 

Ask teachers for help 
I know that teachers can sometimes be frustrating but they are there to help. You can’t improve if you don’t understand what you were just doing. I sometimes struggle in maths because we move on to the next topic when I don’t understand what we’ve just done. If you’re afraid to ask your teacher in front of your whole class just stay behind for a few minutes, it may seem annoying but it will help you in the long term. 

Don’t stress out
It may seem easier said than done but try to stay calm when going through exams because panicking can only make it worse. Exams are stressful and can be important but remember that they are always other options – there are so many people that are successful without having done well in their exams. Plus there are plenty of people, both in school and outside of school that can help you with school. 

Don’t watch too much Netflix
This applies to me 100%. I end up watching hours and hours of TV series which I could’ve spent revising. I’m going to promise that I’m not going to watch TV while I’m doing my homework or studying and i’m going to try not to watch any during the week. I’m someone that needs to focus completely otherwise I just don’t understand. 

I hope some of these tips helped and if anyone else has some other tips that would help me and others, please leave them in the comments. Hope you all do well in your school year and achieve everything that you want to, also take care of yourselves because I know how high school can be. 

Much love, 

Lizzie xxx

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