Why I hate Halloween

Happy October! For a lot of people October is there favourite month. Why? Halloween. For me, I really dislike Halloween because I’m an absolute chicken and I’m afraid of basically everything. However I love dressing up, putting on a costume and becoming some else for a night. I’m exited for when it’s going to parties for Halloween and not treat or treating. 

I also hate Halloween because I always seem to have bad experiences, from haunted houses to live snakes. Last year I told myself and everyone else about how I wasn’t doing Halloween and I espically wasn’t trick or treating. But some friends invited me out and I had missed a lot of parties recently so I decided to go; in a zombie school girl outfit of course. While we were out I was sort of enjoying myself until they decided they wanted to go in the local Haunted House. I was so annoyed because they promised that we wouldn’t and that’s why we came, but they all went in anyways. So I did too … with my eyes shut. My friend guided me through the house while everyone else was telling me to stop being a baby and just open my eyes. 

This year Halloween comes right in the middle of my mock exam week so I will probably be studying and getting an early night … boring I know. However I hope you all have a exciting Halloween and remember to stay safe. 

Much love,

Lizzie xxx

3 thoughts on “Why I hate Halloween

  1. I always enjoy Halloween but trick or treating isn’t something I do now I’m like 15, i think it’s something we should let little kids enjoy like I enjoyed it when I was younger! Dressing up is always fun though! Awesome blog xxx

    Love, Soph x


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