An embarrassing story 

When I was younger I used to read this magazine where at the back people would tell there embarrassing stories and they would be rated in a scale of embarrasment. I thought that we could do that today. The rates for embrassed are: 

1. Get over yourself.

2. That’s pretty bad. 

3. Ouch, embarrassing. 

4. You should hide away for a month. 

5. Move town. 

Here we go. When I was in primary school I went to the local swimming place with my brother and my guy best friend. It was inflatables day so the bit vouch obstacle course was on the water. I was wearing a yellow swim costume with cute little flowers on it thinking that I would be safe from any bikini mishaps … I wasn’t. We were making our way down the course and my best friend was following behind me. I stood up from crawling a section of the course and I heard a massive rip sound. My best friend starts howling and I grabbed my butt only to realise that I ripped my swimsuit right up the crack. I quickly got in the water and asked for the life guard to get my mum. The only shorts my mum could find were denim! I spend the rest of the time basically downing while my best fiends laughed at my the entire time. 

That is just one the many embarrassing stories of my life. What would you guys rate  it? 

Much love, 

Lizzie xxx

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