Why I hate Halloween

Happy October! For a lot of people October is there favourite month. Why? Halloween. For me, I really dislike Halloween because I’m an absolute chicken and I’m afraid of basically everything. However I love dressing up, putting on a costume and becoming some else for a night. I’m exited for when it’s going to parties for Halloween and not treat or treating.  I also hate … Continue reading Why I hate Halloween

Mental Health Collab

Hi everyone! Today is a special post because I’m collaborating with Lucy on a post about mental health.  So far in my life I haven’t experienced mental health problems. Yes, I have been anxious, sad and a neat freak sometimes. But I wouldn’t ever exaggerate and say that I have anxiety or I’m depressed or have OCD because that’s unfair. It’s unfair because there are so … Continue reading Mental Health Collab

Police Brutality and BLM

We are a developed world, we have cures for illnesses that couldn’t even be named. We have computers, telephones, cameras, typewriters all in one tiny phone. We have developed thoughts and developed ideas. Yet it’s a shame to see a world where we are so developed yet there is still an issue of skin colour. People still see races inferior to others, people still think … Continue reading Police Brutality and BLM